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"Books are a uniquely portable magic." –Stephen King

I get irritated on a regular basis with James’ ability to turn out multiple books per year. I feel like it affects his storytelling ability. While I believe this wholeheartedly, it doesn’t keep me from actually reading his books. I even enjoy his books. Do I believe he could be a better storyteller if he took a bit longer on his books? Absolutely! But he creates characters that are believable, relatable and wonderful. My favorite character of his is actually a woman. Lindsey Boxer is a cop, so she’s definitely tough. She gives off a little masculine energy, but I have actually come to expect this from male authors writing about women. Reading about an empowered woman isactually refreshing. Lindsey is a cop, but she’s feminine as well. She worries about her family, she worries about her coworkers, and she nurtures when necessary. In the 15th Affair, Lindsey has gotten married and has had a child. She is a devoted mom, but still has a nanny, because she didn’t give up her career. We don’t really find out what her husband Joe does for a living, but it is hinted that he’s a spy. Lindsey doesn’t even really know what he does. She knows what little he claims he can tellher, but when he disappears, she determines to find out more. She has been assigned a murder investigation, and she starts to wonder if her husband is involved somehow. I don’t give spoilers, but James Patterson does a very good job of keeping the story goingwithout going too fast. This book is an easy read, but isn’t unintelligent. I don’t ever feel during reading that James is insulting my intelligence.

I’m only about halfway through this book right now, but will add an update, and a score (out of 10) when I’m finished. For now, I’m pretty happy with this book, and will continue to read it and enjoy it. I’ll also be looking for the rest of the Lindsey Boxer books and check them out too. I hope to have a huge library by the time I’m done, with plenty of fodder for future reviews.

Coming soon: A review of a book I heard about on the NY Times Book Review podcast, “A Conversation with Friends.” I ordered this book from the library, so will have a review up soon. Until next time!

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