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Author: Melissa Pimentel

Date Started: June 4, 2019

Date Finished: June 8, 2019

Overall Rating (out of 10): 7 out of 10

I chose this book as part of a book club challenge I’m involved in on Instagram. The book club follows the hashtag #plannersgonnaread and involves several cool ladies. If you are interested in joining this book challenge, please feel free to follow me on Instagram, and be sure to join the challenge!

The Plot:

Ruby has spent tons of time cultivating her career, at the expense of relationships. At one point she states that it’s been months since she was even on a date. So when she meets her ex at her sister’s wedding, all the feelings she had for him came flooding back from 10 years ago. She determines he won’t know it, because she can’t stand the rejection of his not feeling the same way.

Most of this book is a reflection, I think, of the narrator’s feelings toward love and life. She has these struggles, but she’s independent enough that no one will ever know how she really feels. She doesn’t like the vulnerability of showing this side of her. When Ruby overhears a conversation that tells her what she already suspected, she is still heartbroken, because she had hoped that some of those old feelings might still exist for Ethan too. When she finds out they don’t, she is devastated. She decides to become a “fortress” within herself, and tells herself he will never know how she really feels.

The Review:

While this book claims to be a modern take on a classic love story, it’s kind of boring. I do have to admit, though, that I don’t really appreciate the romantic comedy like a woman normally would. I chose this book at random at the library, because I’m participating in an Instagram challenge, #plannersgonnaread. It sounded like a lot of fun, and a chance to get out of my comfort zone and maybe read books I normally wouldn’t.

This is a noble goal, and I’m definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m reading this book like “ok, this is an ok book but I’m bored at the same time so I want to read it as quickly as I can so I can say I finished it.”

I’m very stubborn, so I don’t give up on things easily. I mean, I sat through Fred Claus even though I hated every single minute of it.

The language the author uses is well-used, so I didn’t feel like I was either stupid or overly-intelligent. She also used flashbacks in an interesting way. Because this is a story about a woman meeting an old boyfriend 10 years later, we do actually need a bit of backstory. So the author swaps chapters. Titling them “then” and “now” which helps the reader keep track of where she is. The “Then” chapters are also written in 3rd person, while the “Now” chapters are written in first, giving further evidence of where we are in the story. I haven’t run across a book written in quite this way before, so that part was kind of cool.

I haven’t finished this book yet, but I’m determined to do so. I’m very stubborn. Every once in a while, I’ll run across a book that I just CAN’T FINISH, but this book isn’t one of them. I am finding that while this book is called a “romantic comedy,” I’m not laughing at it very much. It’s very introspective. This woman is trying to come to terms with these feelings she has for someone she loved a long time ago. I’ve been there, so this part is very relatable to me.

All in all, I enjoyed this book, but probably won’t ever read it again. If you like romantic comedy movies, and like love stories, you will probably like this book. It didn’t suck, it just wasn’t the type of book I normally enjoy. Please let me know below if you have read this book and what you thought of it! I’d love to talk books with you!

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