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Ok, this was a book that showed up on my bookbub feed, and it was free, so I thought why not give it a shot?

I love when this happens, because I don’t usually regret my decision, and this time was no different. This book was so fun! It was British, meets romance, meets magic. It had everything in it!

India Steele, watchmaker, gets basically thrown out on her butt when her ex fiance dumps her. Her father has died, and left the watch shop to Eddie. This was on the understanding that Eddie was going to marry India. Needless to say, he went back on his word.

In order to make ends meet, India starts working for Matthew Glass. He is trying to find a watchmaker to fix a very special watch, and India knows almost every watch maker in London. Things go amiss, and India starts to worry that her new employer is in fact an American outlaw.

Update: I have read other books by this author, and while they are really fun, the books are set in historical times (I think Victorian London, but I’m not sure), but the characters seem more modern than they should be. Some of the language the author uses wouldn’t have been used in those times. One thing comes to mind, “he should have been three sheets to the wind, but was barely drunk at all.” I could be wrong, but this seems to be a more modern saying, not something typically used in Victorian London. This didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the book, but should be something the author pays attention to in the future.

This book is one in a series, and I can’t wait to read the rest of them! This book was so fun! I hope you get a chance to check this book out. The author did a good job of developing characters and using the right language to draw the reader in. I felt in no way deprived and in fact wanted more. Let me know below if you read this book!

Until next time, bookworms!

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