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It’s Monday, so you know what that means! Happy Movie Monday, everyone! If you’ve read “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson, then you probably know what movie I’m discussing this week!

I have to admit, I didn’t know this movie was based on a book until about 6 months ago. When I listened to the audio book, however, I was less than thrilled. It was rather a slow version of a movie I’ve loved since it came out in 1999.

I’m guessing my love of the movie has more to do with the special effects than the storyline, but it also might have to do with the fact that Nell is kind of whiny in the book. She’s so paranoid about everyone talking about her, that it’s all I remember from listening to the audio book. But I can tell you about the movie all day long!

Nell, the main character, receives an invitation to participate in an insomnia study. The doctor (Liam Neeson) has arranged for this study to take place at historic Hill House. When strange things start happening at the start of the study, the participants realize their insomnia is the least of their problems.

Like I said before, I’ve loved this movie. In fact, funny story…when this movie came out in the theater, a bunch of friends of mine were discussing going to see it one Sunday afternoon after church. When my friend was invited, he said he would go if I went.

The look on his face was priceless when I said yes immediately!

He told me later he had been hoping I would say no, because he didn’t want to see it, and if I said no, it would give him the excuse he needed to get out of it.

I can’t say this movie is truly scary, but it definitely has some “jump out of your skin” moments. For the 90’s, this movie had some GREAT special effects!

Have you seen this movie? If not, I recommend you hunt it down immediately. Its genre is horror, but I hate truly terrifying movies, and this doesn’t fit in that category. It will make you jump a couple times, but the best part is the special effects. Even if you hate the movie when you’re done, I hope you at least enjoy those!

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