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Ok, so I finally found a movie that Ryan Reynolds is in that redeems him after the Deadpool fiasco. This movie is called “The Nines,” and if you haven’t heard of it, or seen it, you totally should! I was surprised at how good this movie was! It started out kind of slow, but had enough twists that neither I nor my husband saw coming, that in the end I would consider this movie worth watching more than once. It might even take that many times to completely understand what’s going on.

This movie is told from 3 different perspectives:

Gary is on house arrest. He’s been going through a lot of things, and ends up in a hotel room high on crack (the scene where he buys it is pretty funny). His publicist brings him to another of her clients’ home, where Gary is expected to stay inside and not make trouble.

Gavin is a screenwriter, and is in the middle of trying to get a pilot of his new TV show accepted by any network. the problem: He wants Melissa McCarthy to play the lead. He’s written the show specifically for her, and won’t accept anyone else. When the network insists that he fire her and hire someone else, he takes the deal, because he wants so badly for his show to get picked up.

Gabriel is a father, husband, and all around nice guy. He and his wife are driving through the countryside, and their car breaks down. Gabriel takes off to find help, leaving his daughter and wife in the car.

Each of these men starts seeing the number 9 EVERYWHERE. They are each told, in different ways, that the number 9 is important. I’m telling you, this movie is WEIRD.

The similarities and differences in each of these experiences makes for an interesting and confusing movie. I recommend watching it, then coming back here and letting me know what you think!

If you love Ryan Reynolds, you’ll appreciate this movie. I even tweeted him (wish he would finally answer already!) and asked why he chose to make this movie. It’s so different from his normal work.

Again, if you haven’t seen this movie, you totally should! I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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