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"Books are a uniquely portable magic." –Stephen King

I haven’t done my WWW Wednesday in a while, so figured I’d catch up.

This tag was created by Sam at Taking on a World of Words, and is pretty simple….

Answer these questions: What did you just finish reading? What are you reading now? What will you read next?

What did I just finish reading?

This Eternity of Masks and Shadows (my review is here) was SO FREAKING GOOD! It actually gave me a book hangover, which I haven’t experienced in quite a while! I’m excited to recommend it to anyone who loves superhero books, mythology stories, or murder mysteries. This book has it all!




What am I reading now?

I just started The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, and it’s pretty interesting so far. I haven’t come across a book quite like this ever, so I’m interested in seeing where the story takes me. The main character seems a little whiny so far, but I’m hoping that changes, because she has so much potential!




What will I read next?

I have a book on my Netgalley reading list called Transit of Mercury that I need to get read so I can post my review. I try to not request too many books from them, so I can get reviews posted quickly. This is a book that I’m impressed by the title, and the cover is beautiful. Unfortunately, I’m a mood reader, and haven’t been in the mood to dive in yet, so I’m just going to suck it up and read it. I hope it’s good!




How about you? What are you reading currently? Anything I’d like? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, be sure to share with your friends so they can join in on the bookish fun!

Until next time, bookworms!

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