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I admit it, I’m a podcast junkie. My Google Play podcast directory has so many different kinds of podcasts, it’s not even funny. What shouldn’t be surprising, though, is how many podcasts I have that are about books and reading. Below, I’ve listed the best ones I’ve found, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too!

Currently Reading

This is seriously one of my favorite podcasts! The ladies discuss all things bookish, including their personal “bookish moment of the week,” and then they dive deep into specific books for all kinds of bookish fun! You can click on their name above to visit their website.

The New York Times Book Review

This is the first bookish podcast I ever listened to, and I’ve found so many books through this podcast! They feature interviews with authors, book reviews, and what the reviewers are currently reading. This podcast has a pretty strict routine, but every episode is super interesting! Click above for their website.

What Should I Read Next?

Anne Bogel features reading matchmaking on her podcast. She interviews authors, reviews books, and gives tons of options for readers looking for their next great book. Super fun, and super interesting! Author interviews are some of my favorite things about bookish podcasts.

Reading Glasses

This podcast is so fun! They have episodes titled “Teddy Ruxpin was the original Audiobook” and “This Motherf**ker was picked by Oprah!” so you know they won’t skimp on opinions! They also have episodes about how to get through your TBR, and reading apps to help you read faster. I’ve only listened to one episode, but I’m totally gonna binge!

Raw Milk

Ok, so this isn’t an actual book related podcast, but Beth Kirby is a creative, and has taken it upon herself to help other creatives live their best life, and to help them run their own creative business. It’s so fun!

Do you have any bookish podcasts you love? If you have one you just can’t live without, and it’s not book related, I’d love to know that too! Just drop me a line in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an update! Connect with me on social media, and join in on the bookish fun!

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