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I was cruising through Disney + a couple weeks ago, and came across one of my favorite movies. John Carter is such a fun movie, and the fact that it’s based on a book just makes it more interesting! I have a plan to add the entire series to my library, but haven’t had a chance yet.

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The Story



John Carter is a soldier in the South. I’m not sure what war, but looks to be maybe Revolutionary or 1812. He’s a deserter. He doesn’t care about the war, he just cares about finding gold, and living his life outside of the fighting.

When Indians chase them into the hills, John actually comes across his cave of gold. But he’s caught before he has a chance to do anything with it. The man has a medallion, and accidentally transports John to Mars, or Barsoom, as it’s called there.


At first, John has no idea where he is. He wakes up there, and at first can’t even walk. The scene where’s he learns to walk and jump is pretty funny! John meets Dejah, the Princess, and has to help her save her world from the Therns, an evil secret society only interested in power. Can he do it? 

My Favorite Things about John Carter

  • Woola, the 6-legged alien dog. My husband and I both want one REALLY bad.
  • Dejah Thoris. She’s the princess of Helium, one of the major cities on Barsoom, but she’s such a badass!
  • Tars Tarkas, the leader of the Tharks.
  • The flying ships that the people use to travel around Barsoom

Why you should watch this movie

  • The special effects are awesome!
  • It’s based on a book, hello!
  • The casting is amazing
  • It’s SUCH a fun movie!

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