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I love werewolf stories. I’ve read many different ones, but I haven’t found a series yet that takes the mythology to a whole new level. L.E. Horn has designed a world where the wolf, or wulf, runs free, and she has done it in such a way that the book is both character and action driven.

Luckily for me, each book in the series can be read as a standalone. It follows different people in the wulfan community, and tells different stories in each book. But at the same time, each book builds on the one before it, adding to wulfan mythology. You don’t HAVE to start with book one, but I do recommend it. I started with book 3, and while I didn’t miss much, I didn’t get the story of much wulfan history until I went back and read the first book. I do want to own the entire series eventually, because these books are well worth reading more than once.


The Story

Liam, a vet in Canada, is out for a jog with his dog Keen one evening, and runs across a couple animals he has never seen before. One tries to attack his dog, and when he goes to save her, he’s bitten. This begins Liam’s journey into the wulfan world, and he learns things about old friends and new family that he never knew existed.

When a new virus threatens to tear apart Liam’s new family, he has to work hard to protect them, all while learning new things about himself.

The Author (excerpted from GoodReads)

AUTHOR AND ARTIST, L.E. HORN’S interest in animals led to a degree in Animal Science and a lifelong fascination with our unconscious connections to the natural world. She particularly loves to explore the qualities we believe distinguish us from the creatures whose planet we share.
Her discoveries, combined with her vivid imagination, spill over into every book she writes and lend depth and insight to her interspecies relationships.
L.E. Horn shares her country home with her husband and several other interesting species that, as she puts it, “Inspire me by pointing out what should be obvious on a minute-by-minute basis. The challenge keeps me happy and humble.”

The Excerpt

The farm’s yard light cast a soft glow through the door’s small window, and as I watched, a broad head with sharp-tipped ears appeared. The thing was standing. Like a human.

Beneath my fingers, Keen’s hackles rose, and she snarled low in her throat. As though we sat trapped in a nightmare, the knob twisted, the latch slipping free from the strike plate. The whole door vibrated and shifted inward as the creature rammed it against the deadbolt, and something exploded from somewhere deep inside me. Rage. Molten, unreasonable. And demanding action.

I released Keen and she flew at the entrance in full cry, but she didn’t beat me to it. I was already there, slamming both hands against the solid wood to drive it back into place. I didn’t recognize the sound that came from my throat – part roar, part snarl. For a moment there was silence on the other side of the door, then a huffing, chuckling noise, like that of a demented bear, and the rattle of claws on the wooden steps.

I’m not sure how I got there, but a second later I was standing up to my ankles in the icy water on my landing, clad only in my pajama bottoms, with my walking stick in hand. Shut safely in the house, Keen yowled and scrabbled. No way was she getting out here, not with that thing around. I raced up the steps and stood beneath the yard light.

“Come on!” I yelled into the darkness. “Come on, you bastard. You want me, I’m here!”

The little voice inside my head shouted,  What the hell are you doing? Get back in the frigging house! But the tsunami within me overwhelmed all reason. My lips retracted from my teeth in a grim caricature of a wolf’s snarl, as though I had real fangs instead of wimpy human stubs. I ran to Peter’s deck and jumped up the stairs two at a time, before turning to stare off into the woods.

The thing emerged from the bush about thirty feet from me. Even over the muffled sound of Keen’s hysterical barking, I heard it growl. Then it stood straight up, towering on its hind legs, and howled.

The Review

I have read another book in this series, and I have to say, the author has sucked me into this world both times. I can see myself reading these books several times over, and never getting tired of them. The world she has created, and the mythology she has centered around these characters, are hard to compare to anything. They are uniquely original. Each book has a love story in it, but they aren’t the typical love story. Because wulfan mate for life, the characters are allowed a chance to really engage with each other.

The dynamic between the characters is so well written, I have a hard time describing it. Each character, even the supporting ones, are complete. They have distinct personalities, they aren’t one-dimensional, and the reader can fall in love with any of them. I tried to come up with a character I could call my favorite, but I can’t. I love all of them so much, and I became attached to each of them.

While there isn’t a clear-cut antagonist in this story, the story itself is full of conflict. When Liam is bitten, we have the conflict of not knowing whether he will complete the change, but we root for him the whole time. I really enjoyed the Chris character. He’s the one called on to help Liam prepare for the change to wulf, and his personality really shines through. He’s so many things: cop, enforcer, lover, fighter, friend, enemy….he is all these things, and they come through the pages so well.

My Rating

This book gets the full five stars from me! The whole book is well-written, from beginning to end, and the characters were so easy to fall in love with! Even the ones that aren’t completely good, I found myself rooting for them to find balance, and to change. The book was a roller-coaster of emotion, and had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing. Some things I had figured out from the beginning, but those things were small enough on the whole of the story, that it never messed with my enjoyment of the book. Like I said before, I want all the books in the series, and I can see myself reading them more than once.

If you like werewolf mythology, you will love this book. I really enjoyed the unique spin the author put on traditional werewolf lore.

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