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Have you ever wished your favorite tv show was real? I have told my husband several times that when we create “Starfleet,” I’m SO IN! I’ve always loved the thought of traveling the galaxy and meeting new species. So, no surprise that Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies. I mentioned to my husband that it was on Prime, and he immediately said, “Let’s watch it!”

Galaxy Quest cast warmly recalls the sci-fi classic in new documentary -  CNET

So we did.

And had so much fun!

Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen star in this spoof of a Star Trek type movie. It’s been years since their show, “Galaxy Quest,” has been on the air, but fans still abound. When Jason (Tim Allen) gets a visit from actual aliens requesting his help, at first he isn’t sure how to handle it. But when he finds out that everything is real, he is so excited and wants his crew to join him.

Galaxy Quest Honest Trailer: One of the Best Star Trek Movies Ever /Film

The whole movie is definitely a spoof, but is cute enough that fans of Star Trek can still enjoy it. I hope you get a chance to see this movie, so check out this trailer:

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2 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Galaxy Quest

  1. I owned this movie on VHS and had to buy it on DVD. Love it for its tongue-in-cheek humor.

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