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I’m not a huge fan of “romantic comedies,” but I don’t believe this movie fits entirely in that category. It has a love story, and it definitely has some funny parts, but I think this movie is more about Elle’s learning who she is, and learning to be herself, unapologetically.

This movie is actually based on a book! I had no idea! If you’re interested, check out Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown. I know I will definitely check it out!

Elle Woods lives in Bel Air, “across the street from Aaron Spelling,” and she attends USC as a fashion merchandising major. She’s dating Warner Huntington III, and believes he’ll propose. When he breaks up with her instead, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back. This movie starts out pretty stupid, I have to admit, because Elle fits the stereotype of all blondes in LA. When she tells her parents she’s going to law school, they tell her it’s for “serious” people, and she doesn’t fit the mold.




My favorite part in almost the whole movie is when she runs into Warner at Harvard, and when he’s surprised she got into Harvard Law School, her answer is priceless.



I honestly love how this movie is empowering. Elle learns who she is, helps her friends, makes new ones, and in the process destroys some stereotypes about blondes. They don’t always have more fun. Sometimes they go to law school.

Here are some of my other favorite scenes:


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