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I had the very great pleasure of meeting Elizabeth on Twitter, and she asked for a review of her book. I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet, but wanted to get to know her a bit better, and asked her if she would be willing to give me an interview. She was so kind, and said yes! So here goes…enjoy!

What is a day like when you’re writing a book?

I’d like to say it’s very organised but I’d be lying. I work as a Freelance Writer and so I just try to fit my book writing around that. I write as much as I can each day but I know when to stop. If the words won’t flow then I try not to push it. I also try to spend my lunch break and an hour in the evening reading books by other indie authors.

What is something you would like to tell someone like me, who reviews books?

To any book reviewers I’d ask them to consider us indie authors rather than just the traditionally published books. We really need all the support we can get and we really do appreciate you!

Do you have any superstitious habits when you write?

Nope, which is very unusual for me as I’m quite a superstitious person! I try not to let anything influence my writing, I just let it naturally flow.

Do you read in the genre you write?

Yes! I’ve always read romance, even as a child it was my go-to. Lately, I’m trying to read from different genres but nothing makes me happier than a good romance.

Who is your favorite author?

There are so many but if I had to pick one I’d choose Sophie Kinsella. When I was a little too young to be reading her books my mum introduced me to them. I absolutely loved them and couldn’t stop laughing. To this day I still go back to her books when I’m feeling a little down and want something to make me laugh.

If you were to meet the author from question 5, what would you ask?

How did you create such brilliant characters? Each one is so individual with distinctive character traits.

If someone asked you the question from above, what would your answer be?

The protagonist in The Vintage Bookshop of Memories is Prue Clemonte. Whilst planning her traits I knew I wanted her to be a fiercely independent woman who would do anything to find happiness. However, I also wanted to show a softer side and a humorous side. At the heart of Prue’s character I wanted her to be relatable.

What is your book about?

The Vintage Bookshop of Memories is essentially about a woman’s quest for happiness. When Prue moves back to her home village of Ivy Hatch she’s met with hostility from the villagers. As Prue tries to discover why the village hate her so much she finds herself at the heart of a family secret. She also has to decide whether or not Elliot Harrington is worth upsetting the village over. The Bookshop is at the heart of her family’s secret and it holds so many memories. It’s a place of solace for Prue and I believe it’s every reader’s dream shop.

I admit, I haven’t read your book yet, but it seems like a really sweet story, and I can’t wait to read it. Is my assessment correct?

It is! Whilst writing The Vintage Bookshop of Memories I wanted it to be the kind of book that I’d enjoy curling up with on a rainy day and finding comfort within it. I love reading things that lift my mood and that was exactly what I wanted The Vintage Bookshop of Memories to do to readers. It’s a touch of escapism during these difficult times.

Do you prefer more details in feedback from reviewers, or is a star rating usually ok?

I love details! I’m the kind of person that craves information and feedback from people. This extends to all walks of life, even down to what people have had for dinner! Perhaps a better way of phrasing it would be to say that I’m just plain nosy.


Lightning round:

Beer or Wine? Beer

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Cake or Biscuits? Cake

Horror or Fantasy? Fantasy

Veggies or Fruit? Veggies


If you’re interested in purchasing this book, please visit Amazon UK or Amazon US. These links are affiliate links, and provide me a small commission, without extra purchase on your part.

You can connect with Elizabeth via Twitter @EHollandAuthor.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, as I have so much fun bringing them to you! Until next time, bookworms!


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