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"Books are a uniquely portable magic." –Stephen King

I actually got to interview the man who wrote this week’s book. Ian was kind enough to grant me my first “Meet The Author” interview, and as I haven’t had a chance to read his book yet, I wanted to give everyone (including me) a teaser.


Please check out my interview with Ian here.

Are you ready for this week’s teaser? Let’s go!

Says he had a dream the other night where he was bein’ strangled. When he went to try to break the lock on his neck, he couldn’t find the arm, just a hand with fingers locked around his throat. He put it down to a line of coke he’d done.

I check my phone again. Just calls I’ve blanked, lookin’ for a hit. Nothin’ from Ed. I ain’t bothered. Troy’s told me I’m in for a good wedge of money from this drop, a real good cut he said.

I believe him. He may be as violent as hell but he ain’t disrespected me like Ed did. How could he think I’d shoot a kid? Yeah, I’ve given him a slap and got him taught a life lesson but that were for his own good, his own survival. Plus, Troy never asked me to kill him. I’m not sayin’ I would have done though. There was something about the youth that reminded me of myself at his age.

I’m tired now and grab a sleepin’ bag that was here and crash on the floor. Ghost’s out of it too, just lyin’ on the ground in his clothes, wasted. Troy were never goin’ to call tonight. Tomorrow or the day after will be the time. Once the BMW lot have sent word, the parcel is good for collectin’. I sleep with the Mac-10 tonight. I’ve attached the magazine now Ghost’s drugged up. I don’t trust who could be the next one through the door despite me thinkin’ no one other than Ghost knows where we’re at, I don’t wanna be ill-prepared if I’m wrong.

There. I gotta say, this definitely has me wanting to read this book. How about you?

You can find links to this book, as well as Ian’s other books, at the link for his interview. Be sure to check it out, as Ian has some really interesting things to say 🙂

Until next time, bookworms!

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