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What would you do if money were no object?

This is a question that makes it way around socials all the time, and I always seem to have a different answer. Today, I’m going to take all my answers, and put them here, in one place. You ready? Let’s go! If money were no object, I would….

Go back to school

I would probably spend my entire life in school, if I could. That’s probably why I read so much, because I love to learn. If money were no object, I would spend my life learning the things I want to learn, finish my degree in Social Work, and continue to learn. I would probably study anthropology once finished with social work, because different cultures fascinate me.

Buy a big house

Yeah, I know. Don’t we all say that? But seriously, I’ve always wanted a big house, with a huge library. The library in the Beast’s house in Beauty & The Beast is ALMOST big enough. Maybe Library of Congress size? We’ll see.

Buy my family houses

One of my dreams in life is to be able to make sure my family wants for nothing. We never grew up with a bunch of money, and I don’t want them to ever have to worry about anything. To be able to buy a house for each member in my family would mean so much to me, and I know would mean a lot to them.

Start my non-profit

I’ve wanted to start a non-profit foster apartment complex for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard so many stories about foster kids getting kicked out of the system as soon as they turn 18, and rarely have a chance to even go to college. My dream is to own an apartment complex where retirees can live and be foster parents. They would have no expenses, because the non-profit would provide everything. The only stipulation would be that these foster parents would remain in the kids’ lives until they’re out of college. I want to give these kids a chance. The point of having retirees be the foster parents, is they don’t have kids of their own living at home anymore, and would be able to focus on helping these foster kids. Can you tell I’ve thought a lot about this?

Travel the World

Who wouldn’t want to travel? I want to see all the cultures in the world, and learn as many languages as I can. I’m fascinated with all the different cultures in the world, and would love a chance to immerse myself in as many as I can. I would start with London, because it’s on my bucket list, then move on to South America and Dubai. After that, I’m not sure. I would think of something.

Do you have a list of things you would do if money were no object? Share them below, I’d love to read about them! Share this list with your friends so they can get involved, and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post! Until next time, bookworms!


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5 thoughts on “What Would You Do if Money were No Object?

  1. I love your odea for a non-profit organisation! That sounds like such a cool project and something that would really help a lot of people!
    And yeeees, I would definitely buy a house JUST so I could have a gigantic library and not having to stuff all my books in my bedroom somewhere.

  2. The first and last things you wish to do are the same things I want. I LOVE to learn and I want to see the world. I’ve seen Italy–before the wheelchair–but I want more.
    (Being in a wheelchair makes traveling hard, though.)

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