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Your child gets kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. What do you do?

The Darkest Winter Ever was given to me by the author, in exchange for an honest review.
This book kind of has a Taken feel to it, because James Davis has had this happen to him. His daughter, Poppy, was kidnapped on her way home from school, and it’s been 6 weeks since he’s seen her.
James finds a hotel that is used for these girls to “work” out of, and that’s how he meets Valerie. He rescues Valerie, and she ends up helping him search for Poppy.
Content Warning: this book does contain sex scenes, and several instances of violence.

The Review

Ok, so the premise of this story is really good. The author got the main points taken care of, and the story moves along well.
The problem: the story moves almost too fast. I didn’t have time to emotionally connect with any of the characters. One thing happens to move the story forward, and suddenly it’s 2 weeks later.
I would have loved to have some story set before the kidnapping, to set up the story and get the reader emotionally involved in James and Poppy’s father/daughter relationship.
I also would have liked to see Poppy connect with one of her captors. Something happens toward the end of the story that would have made this more believable. I think that adding these elements to the story would have made it more emotionally investing, and more believable for the reader.
The relationship that develops between Valerie and James is also a little unbelievable. She had been in captivity for 10 years, yet without therapy, and within a matter of weeks, she’s in love with a guy and starts a relationship with him. I’m sorry, but no. That part of the story was completely unbelievable to me, especially without all the other parts added to the story.
All in all, this wasn’t a bad book. It was short; I finished it in about an hour and a half. And the book does shed a light on sex trafficking and what it does to families. I just wish the author had added more to the story. Readers look to emotionally connect with their characters, or at the very least, invest in their success. I wanted James to find his daughter, but that was as far as my commitment went.

If you decide to give this book a chance, please come back and let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’re interested in purchasing this book, please check out the affiliate section in my shop for links to purchase. Purchases made through my affiliate links give me a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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