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So I had an idea for a blog post, and went to the one place I knew I could get some ideas. I Tweeted to my friends and asked for some questions for an “Interview with the #bookblogger” post, and boy did you guys come through! I hope you enjoy!

How is an interview done? Where can I find people to interview?

I don’t know that there is a “typical” way to do interviews. I enjoy reading ones that are a little more personal, so I try to stay away from questions just about the books. I’ve changed my category for author interviews to “Meet the Author” so that readers know it’s not just about the  books. I’m more likely to read a book by an author I know and like, so using an interview to let the reader know more about them will likely help the author gain visibility, and possibly get more readers and buyers. Most of the authors I have found to interview have been on Twitter, and have all been so kind to answer my questions. I would eventually like to interview a mainstream author like Ted Dekker or PC/Kristen Cast, but I love interviewing indie authors to give them some free advertising. When I meet an author willing to give an interview, I will either send the questions through DM on Twitter, or ask for an email and send them that way. I figure there might be ways to interview through skype or a podcast, but I prefer the written word 🙂

If you were out of milk, would you put egg nog on your cereal?

I think it depends on the cereal. Cocoa Puffs? Not likely. But maybe on some rice chex. I love the flavor of Egg Nog, so can’t think of a time it would taste bad. It would just depend on the cereal.

What does your perfect Christmas Day look like?

This is a really good question! Christmas is my favorite holiday, mostly because of the gift-giving aspect. Now, before you start thinking I’m all selfish, I prefer to GIVE the presents, rather than receive. One of my favorite things about Christmas is seeing one of my nephews or my niece play with their gift constantly for the entire day, so my perfect day would likely look like this: Sleep in (don’t get me out of bed before 9am, or I might stab you), eat breakfast, load car with gifts and head to my sister’s house. Everyone else is likely already there, because they believe in waking up early (heathens). Greet everyone, get lots of hugs, and hand out gifts to my family. Watch them open gifts and see the excitement, then open any gifts I’m given. Usually at this point we would start preparing Christmas Dinner, and we all pitch in on food/dessert, so the cooking starts! After lunch (so yummy, btw!), watch a Christmas movie like Home Alone, Elf or The Santa Clause, then head home to rest for work the next day!

When do you typically post your blog posts?

Unfortunately I don’t have a regular schedule. I try to post at least one review a week, along with some other fun posts, like interviews and discussion posts, throughout the week so I’m not only posting reviews.

Do you prefer to write longer or shorter reviews? How about reading them?

When it comes to writing a review, I think it comes down to how much I have to say about the book. I have more things to say about some books than others. I do try to keep my reviews balanced, so that if I say something negative, I follow up with something positive. Authors work hard on their books, so I’m not going to completely bash it if I can at all help it.

I love reading reviews, whether they are long or short. I love seeing all the different opinions out there, even about the same book. If you have a lot to say about a book, say it. Opinions are important, especially in the book world. Authors’ livelihood depend on readers spreading their opinions, and book bloggers have a lot to do with that.

How much do you know about SEO?

Not as much as I would like, but I’m learning more every day. I have a self-hosted blog, so I’m able to add some plugins to help with SEO, but for bloggers on the free platform, Pinterest has tons of articles and tips to help with SEO, so I look there too.

How do you graciously decline review requests?

I try not to say flat out “no” if I can help it. Again, authors depend on people getting the word out. That said, I have genres and books that I know I simply won’t enjoy. So when I do decline a request, I try not to make it sound like I’m rejecting the person/author, but that it wouldn’t be in the author’s best interest for me to write a review. An example is of a request I got to review a book of poetry. I don’t like poetry, I don’t read poetry, and I tend to shy away from anything having to do with poetry. But my personal feelings about poetry doesn’t make this author’s book bad, so I would say something like this: “Thank you so much for your request for a book review. Unfortunately, poetry isn’t one of my preferred genres, so I don’t think I would be the best choice for a review. I wish you the best of luck!”

Do you have a post editing process, or do you post and go?

I tend to write like I talk, and I self correct all the time. So I tend to write and go. I’ve done that my entire life, even with papers in school. It’s rare for my first draft to not be my best. If I go back and edit, I tend to second guess myself a LOT and if I do that, I lose my voice, and my blog starts to sound more academic than it should. This blog is supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t feel, as a reader, that you’re stuck in school. That’s no fun.

Do you have a buffer series? Like when you’re exhausted and this will kick-start your motivation again?

I don’t, but I probably should. I keep drafts in my blog dashboard, but I don’t look at them as often as I should.

Do you post reviews for every book you read?

I don’t. I try to only write reviews on my blog for my 4 and 5 star reads. I want my space of the internet to be super positive, and welcoming. I’d rather rave about the books I love, rather than rant about the books I hated. No one wants to read a bunch of reviews about books I thought sucked. 

If you’re reading a series you love, and come across a book that you hated and didn’t finish, would you consider yourself to have finished the series, if you read every book but the one?

If I come across a book in a series that I love, and come across a book in the middle that I hated enough to DNF, it’s highly likely I’m going to give up on the entire series at that point, so no, I wouldn’t say I finished the series. But I will say that if I’ve loved the series up to a certain point, and one book is just kind of “meh,” I’ll usually make myself finish it, so I can see if the rest of the series gets better.
Well, there ya go. You asked, I answered! Please visit the contributors to this interview below, and don’t forget to subscribe! I’d love to see you again!

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Until next time, bookworms!

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  1. These are great answers! Nice bits of knowledge mixed in with getting to know you! Lovely post! I had fun reading!

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