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10 books that changed my life

I am so excited to tell you about the 10 books that changed my life! To be honest, I could write a post and list 2500 books that changed my life, because to be honest every book I’ve ever read has added to or changed my life in some way. But, I had to narrow it down, so here is the post that I’ve loved writing, about the 10 books that changed my life!

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10 books that changed my lifeThe Chinese Twins

The Chinese Twins are part of a very old series of books, each one about a set of twins. The books are titled The Mexican Twins, The German Twins, etc…. These books are amazing, because while telling a story about a specific set of twins, the books tell about the culture of the country where the twins live. In The Chinese Twins, the girl has to get her feet bound, which is a very painful process for girls, and she doesn’t want to. So she and her brother run away and find a new life.

Please keep in mind, the author, Lucy Fitch Perkins, died in 1937, so these books are very old. The culture and practices might have been common during that time, but may not be so common anymore. But when I was a small child myself, it was still interesting to learn about a different culture, even if that culture has changed over time. Because of books like The Chinese Twins, I have kept my curiosity for new cultures for all these years, and will still ask questions when I come across a culture I haven’t had much contact with before.

Komantcia and The Sound of Strings

This is a set of 2 different books, the first of which is Komantcia. These books are so old, I’m not even sure you could find them anymore, but I have always considered these to be 2 of my very favorite books. Like The Chinese Twins, Komantcia tells the story of Pedro, a young Spanish man who gets kidnapped by the Comanche Indians, and raised as one of their own. Again, these books are really old, so the tales of the Comanches will have evolved since the books were written.

When I was a child, reading these books, and learning about different customs, kind of made me wish I could go live with the Indians too.

Little Women

Little Women is probably my favorite book of all time. I’ve been so caught up in the world of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy that I literally cannot hear what’s going on around me. This book is so good, and the movie (Winona Ryder Movie) is really good too. I wasn’t able to get into the most recent adaptation, but I prefer the book anyway.

If you haven’t read Little Women, here’s a smidge of what it’s about: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are sisters living in Concord during the Civil War. I think. The time period isn’t specified, but the girls’ father is “away at war,” and the girls are encouraged to participate in the war effort. Their life is hard, but they are able to find joy in just about anything, as this book will attest. Jo is the main girl spoken about, and luckily for her, she’s the character I relate to the most. Jo is a bookworm, and is determined to write the book that will allow her to be a full-time writer. In a world where only men are respected as authors, her desire is seen as flippant. I love her so much though. She’s firey, and rambunctious, and will defend her family until the end of days.

The Flipside of Perfect

This book taught me that not all “romance” or “Chick lit” books have to have sex in them. This one has a small scene where sex is implied, but isn’t outright talked about in a graphic manner. I had the hardest time putting this book down! Reading about AJ/Della, and her struggles, was so relatable. I’ve found myself feeling pulled in so many directions before that I didn’t know who I was anymore. This book validated that feeling, making me feel like I wasn’t crazy. I received this book through Netgalley, so you can read my review here.


Lead Like a Woman

Where do I start with Lead Like a Woman? This book was AMAZING! I found it on Netgalley, and I’m so glad I did! I wrote a review, that you can read here, but seriously, I learned so much from this book! Deborah, the author, is an African-American woman who has worked in some of the largest corporations, and has learned over the years how to be a leader, but how to be a female leader. She didn’t have to give up her femininity or woman-ness in order to earn respect or lead her employees. This book gave me so many life lessons that I don’t think I could ever implement them all. But boy, am I going to try!


Eris Rising

Courtney Ramm is a badass. To go through what she did in such a short period of time and come out the other side stronger than ever? She’s amazing! 

Eris Rising is a memoir, telling the story of an 18-month period in Courtney’s life. She met a man named Matthew, and that meeting spawned a really tough period. Sure, she had it rough, but she managed to come out the other side a really strong person, who knows who she is. I hope the rest of us don’t have to go through really tough times, but we should all be so lucky to know ourselves!



This is one of the first books I ever reviewed on this site. I read it years ago, and I still recommend it to people when they need a really good sci-fi “A.I. is evil” book. 

Dana’s daughter is really sick, and needs a special surgery. Problem is, the surgery is really expensive, so her only way of getting the money is by playing a reality game called “24/7.” When Dana arrives on the island, everyone else is already there, and when they meet in the voting room for instructions, they are informed by the computer that “My name is Control. Every day, one of you will die, and America will vote which one.”

The Connection

The Connection by David Billingsley was one of the first books that an author approached me about, and asked me to review for him. I was so excited! This book truly made me feel like I’d arrived as a book blogger, and I was thrilled to be able to review a book like this. It definitely helped that the book was AWESOME! You can read my review here.

This book tells the story of Jake, the newcomer in a small town. The problem is, he seems to have had a weird effect on the townspeople. When things blow up, Sandy has to sacrifice the life she’s built in order to protect the man she’s developed a weird connection with.

Circle Series

This series is the first books I read by Ted Dekker, and it was amazing! I loved this series so much that I have added Ted Dekker to my “auto-buy” list. 

Thomas has started having dreams of another reality. In that reality, ours is in the past, and Thomas must use what he learns there to save the world here. Only problem is, no one believes him.

I love this book! I hope you get a chance to grab the series, because I promise you won’t be able to put it down!


The Dysasters

The Dysasters is the first book I did a buddy read with. Julie from One Book More and I decided to read it together and write our reviews on the same day. We had differing opinions on the book, but still really enjoyed reading a book together.

The story of Foster and Tate is definitely different. That’s what made the book so interesting to me. Foster and Tate were genetically altered to be able to control the element Air. 

Of course, things aren’t always what they seem, and Foster and Tate have to go on the run when a tornado destroys Tate’s town during a football game. First book in a series. Read my buddy-read review here.

So there you have it….the 10 books that changed my life! What books on the list have you read, or want to read? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time, bookworms!

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4 thoughts on “10 Books That Changed My Life

  1. Little Women remains one of my favorite classics as well! I also enjoyed the movie adaptation with Winona Ryder in it and pined after Christian Bale as Laurie for the longest time. You probably already know my next question but who do you think Jo should have ended up with??? This is the reason why, as much as I liked Little Women, I can’t reread the book very much (probably only like twice). It hurts…a lot. LOL.

    1. I think Jo ended up with who she was supposed to end up with. If Amy hadn’t gotten to be with Laurie, I think she would have ended up in an abusive relationship of some sort. She needed the kindness that Laurie brought.

      The professor was perfect for Jo. He challenged her in ways Laurie never would have.

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