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Teaser Tuesday: The Crimson Shamrock

This week’s Teaser Tuesday is from The Crimson Shamrock, by Michael Hughes. He actually commented on one of my book reviews and told me if I liked that book, I might like his. I thought it was pretty nifty, because I wasn’t used to actually getting book recommendations from Authors. They were still this “Far off, unapproachable thing” and I was extremely intimidated by them.

I’ve run into so many new books on Twitter, indie and self-published alike, so I want to share some with you. Every Tuesday, I’m going to pick a book from my library, pick a random page, and share a “teaser” of that book with you. If I’ve already reviewed the book, I will link to my review, but I will try to stick to books that even I haven’t read yet.

Synopsis of The Crimson Shamrock

The Crimson Shamrock is about Chuck Wesson, a man who has been hired to travel around the country and demonstrate a brand new, cutting-edge portable communication device, called the RedClove. All is not how it seems, however, and Chuck finds himself embroiled in conspiracy when he is the victim of an attempted robbery.

I asked my husband to pick a number between 1-129, so he picked a number. I’m not gonna tell you what page, in case of spoilers. Enjoy this teaser excerpt from The Crimson Shamrock by Michael Hughes!

It was time to come up with a plausible white lie. Luckily, I was better at this than I thought.

“Well, I just started working for this tech start up, and my boss is a bit of an eccentric. He asked me to pick up some prototype for him, and he’s going to send it to some guys on the East Coast. But, you see, he’s downright paranoid about the damn thing. He’s got like OCD or something. He’s worried that someone at the manufacturer we contracted with tampered with the damn thing.”

Dwayne looked at me sideways. “You alright, son?”

“I’m just fine,” I said. “But I’d like to keep my job, and my boss was about ready to send the damn thing back. If I could tell him that your dog sniffed it and thought nothing was amiss, he’d probably shut up.”

Dwayne burst out laughing. “Oh, what the fuck has the world come to? Jesus Christ, you can’t make this shit up.” He walked back into his apartment. “Boomer, come here.” A big German Shepherd emerged from one of the back rooms of the apartment.

“You named him Boomer?”

“Yeah, it fits. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Chuck, you have the damn thing so he can sniff it?”

“Yeah, here,” I said, handing Dwayne the RedClove.

“Fuck is this thing?”

“Top secret. It’s a prototype for a product our company is testing. We never had this conversation, however. It’s still being tested.”

“Thing looks like it was designed by someone huffing paint in the basement and watching too much Star Trek.”

I wasn’t going to contest that statement.

“All right, Boomer, smell this.”

The dog sniffed at the RedClove and took his time. After about 30 seconds, Dwayne withdrew it from the dog’s face.

“You’re good to go, Chuck. If there was anything off, Boomer’d have barked. Tell your boss to get laid or something.”

I felt a surge of relief flood my body. “Will do, Dwayne.”

I hope you enjoyed this Teaser Tuesday about The Crimson Shamrock! I’m looking forward to actually getting to finish this book sometime soon, so will definitely let you know my thoughts!

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