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Flashback Friday Childhood Memories

I had an interesting childhood. I never thought I missed out on anything, because my mom worked so hard to make sure we had everything we needed. She made us clothes when we were too broke to buy new, and she taught us everything she could to make our lives memorable. Keep reading for this weeks Flashback Friday: Childhood Memories



We didn’t travel very much when I was little, but I can remember a few trips we took that were amazing. One was a trip to Michigan to visit my father’s side of the family, but since we drove, we were able to take a couple side trips and visit other family, and see a couple touristy places. One that I thought was amazing was the trip we took to the Field Museum in Chicago. We got to see the Lions from “Ghost and the Darkness,” which I know now are not the real ones, but approximations of the real ones. That makes me sad, but the museum was still amazing, and I hope to go back someday.


When I was 10, I got to go on a Missions Trip through my church to Guatemala. I remember so much about that trip! I remember how much I wanted to stay forever, and how much I loved the food. We stayed on the “Youth with a Mission” base, which helped because they at least had running water. So many people in Guatemala were hurting. Guatemala is definitely a third world nation, but despite the poorness of the country, I will never forget my time there. The people were so happy, and so sweet and so welcoming. On the plane home, every single member of our team was in tears because we didn’t want to leave. In fact, the first words to my mom upon leaving the plane was, “I didn’t want to come home.”


Elementary School

My sister and I home-schooled up until High School. Most of my memories involving that early education are that we didn’t have to be in school all day long. They didn’t have all the co-ops that they have now, so once we finished our lessons, we were free to do what we wanted. This isn’t to say we didn’t receive a top-notch education, because my mom found ways to supplement our lessons. We made trips to the library every 2 weeks, and we would take “field trips.” We went to places such as a raw wood furniture store, to watch how they made the furniture. My favorite was a stained glass place, to watch the lady make stained glass pictures.

One of my favorite childhood memories was taking birdseed to our downtown library, and feeding the pigeons. They were so used to people that they would come right up to us, and even eat directly out of our hands. It broke my sister’s and my hearts when the city forced the pigeons out of that area, but now as an adult, I’m happy I don’t have to try to avoid pigeon crap when I go downtown.


Like I said above, my sister and I went every 2 weeks to the library, and my mom’s only rule was that we had to get at least 2 educational books. So I would get books on space, or dolphins, or whatever interested me, then I would find the Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Sweet Valley Twins, or Babysitter’s Club books and read all of them. When I say I was a bookworm as a child, I’m really not kidding. I learned to read when I was 3, and never really stopped. We didn’t have the money to have a huge library in our house, so our local library was our saving grace. I only hope that kids today will appreciate their local libraries as much as my sister and I did.

My Father, the Truck Driver

When I was 10, I went out on the road with my father. He worked as a truck driver, so drove all over the country. I was out with him for 3 weeks, and got to see things most people only dream of. Did you know that in Louisiana, there’s a bridge that is 20 miles long? I didn’t either until I was 10! I also got to drive over the “highest” bridge in the US, which was super cool. One of my favorite memories from this time, though, was when we got stuck in a blizzard in Minnesota. For 3 days, my dad’s semi-truck was stuck in a snow bank. We couldn’t go anywhere, so we hung out with other truck drivers. Being the only kid in the crowd was cool, because all the drivers spoiled me.

This trip was also the reason I hate whipped cream. For almost every meal, I would order hot chocolate, and it always came with whipped cream on top. Now, you might be thinking “YUM!” and for the most part you would be right. I loved it, but by the end of 3 weeks, I didn’t want to see another hot chocolate with whipped cream as long as I lived.


I have tons of memories from church. From going on Missions trips, to summer camp, to just going to church, my childhood is full of memories from my childhood church.

Children’s Church

We had the best children’s pastors when I was a kid. I learned so much from them. Pastors John and Shirley Tasch definitely had the calling. They would have things such as “Movie night,” or “Game night,” but these were never the same from one time to the next. Game night had things such as “Bible Freeze,” or “Find the Item.” Our pastors had such an imagination for what can keep kids ages 6-12 entertained, that I never wanted to see them leave. Luckily for my sister and me, they didn’t leave until after we had graduated from children’s church.

Summer Camp

Victory Summer Camp was the coolest thing ever. For a week every summer, we got to live on the lake, and do things like water ski, swim, fish, and all sorts of other things. My favorite part was going out on the boat and watching everyone water ski. My sister tried tubing once, but I don’t think she ever did it again. Both options freaked me out, so I just enjoyed the boat ride. These memories of going out on the boat are what prompted me to tell my husband the other day that I want a boat.

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for now. How did you like this week’s Flashback Friday about Childhood Memories?

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