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Insidious is one of those movies that I’m never sure if it’s a horror movie, or a paranormal thriller. But either way, it’s one of my favorites. Welcome to this week’s Movie Monday!

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What is Insidious About?

Rose Byrne is Renai Lambert, a mom of 3. When her son Dalton doesn’t wake up one morning, Renai and her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson) are at aloss to figure out what’s going on. They are at even more of a loss when weird things start happening around the house. Renai is convinced they’re haunted, so she insists that they move.

When their problems don’t stop after moving, Renai becomes obsessed with finding out what’s going on. When Elise comes into the picture, the family learns much more than they expected.

Dalton, in his sleep, is able to astral project and basically travel the world in his dreams. He thinks he’s safe, because he doesn’t realize it’s all real. So when Dalton’s astral body becomes trapped in a place called “The Further,” every evil spirit close by hopes to get inside Dalton’s body in order to navigate the real world. 

What Makes Insidious so scary?

Insidious is one of those movies that could actually happen. I believe in demons and all sorts of evil supernatural beings, so it’s not a huge stretch for me to believe in astral projection. The only thing that I don’t usually consider, however, is the role that children play. The fact that Dalton is only a small child makes this movie even freakier.

I read an article on how the director helped the kids through making this film without their getting nightmares, and what I thought was cool is that he let Ty Simpkins, the actor that played Dalton, watch as the red-faced demon put on his makeup. This was intended to drive home the fact that it wasn’t real. I hope it worked.

Check below for the trailer of Insidious. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen the movie and what you thought! Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, so you never miss a post! Until next time, bookworms!


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