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The Flower and The Wolf

Yippee! It’s another Teaser Tuesday, and you know what that means! I get to “tease” you with an excerpt from a book in my library! Today, I’m going to give you an excerpt from a book I received from an author, The Flower and The Wolf. It’s a story of a young girl, Lily, who meets Iago when she is 14. Iago helped her when classmates attacked and bullied her in school, so Lily created an attachment to him. Trouble is, Iago is 11 years Lily’s senior.

Luckily, Iago doesn’t do anything with Lily when she is so young, but tells her when she comes of age, he’d like to take her on a date. At first, it seems a little creepy, because Iago is so much older than Lily. But he doesn’t do anything untoward, at least as far as Lily is concerned. Others in Lily’s family think it’s weird, and try to discourage the relationship, but it blossoms anyway. 

I won’t give you any spoilers, because this book is actually really good! This book pleasantly surprised me, because the blurb on Goodreads doesn’t give much of the story away at all, and even seems a little misleading. I expected a book that starts when Lily is already an adult, and gives the story through flashbacks, but it’s actually told chronologically.

The order of the book actually helps the story move along better, because we are able to see exactly how Iago treats Lily, rather than have to depend on Lily’s memory of everything after she grows up.

Excerpt from The Flower and The Wolf

“I can’t leave you like this. I won’t. If you won’t go home, you need to go to hospital. You tried to kill yourself, you need help.”

“No! I’ll be locked away.”

“That won’t happen, I won’t let it happen, but you need to talk to someone who can help you. Especially if your home life is so bad.”

“I have tried to speak for so long, and nobody will listen.”

“People at the hospital will listen. I will listen until we get there, and once we are there, they will know how to help you.”

“Nobody can help me.”

“Trust me.”

I nodded, wiped my eyes and took his proffered hand. He led me to his car, which was parked nearby. He explained how he had nearly run me over and realised I was being chased. He parked as soon as he could and went to investigate. He reached me just before the train but none of us noticed him.

It took exactly twenty-eight minutes to drive to Medway Meads Hospital. I know because I watched the luminous numbers of his car’s digital clock. He asked me questions to try to put me at my ease and learn what he could about me in order to help me. I was in a strange state of mind. I can remember parts of that journey and the aftermath very clearly, but most of the following hours are a blur.

One incident I can clearly remember is Iago asking me about my father, just as we pulled into the hospital car park.

Have you been sufficiently “teased” by this excerpt from The Flower and The Wolf? Please let me know in the comments!I really enjoyed this book, so I hope you come back on Sunday for my book review of this book! Have a wonderful week, and Until Next Time, Bookworms!

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