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Picky Bookworm Origin Story

I have to admit, I screwed up. The post I had planned for today, I thought I had planned for a day further off. So I ended up with no post for today. So, instead of giving up on my record of 12 days posted in a row, I thought I would share with you The Picky Bookworm Origin Story.

When I started The Picky Bookworm, I had blogged for years, but had never truly found my niche. I finally settled on books, because I love talking about them, and I love reading them. Writing book reviews, I thought, would be the perfect way to blog like I wanted to.

I started at first reading library books, and books from my own personal library, and sharing my opinions on them. I would ignore social rules of propriety, and give scathing opinions, such as this one for Brave. When I didn’t know what else to do, I started researching how to write actual book reviews, rather than just blog posts. The idea was to actually get better at my job, and start working with publishers and authors. 

When I discovered Netgalley and Booksirens, my book choices grew exponentially. I started requesting like crazy on Netgalley, and had such a good time finding books I never would have heard of otherwise.

Discovering Book Twitter

Through Netgalley, I started sharing my posts on Twitter, which got me in touch with the Writing Community. Up until that point, I had been working on Instagram, and it was not working. I wasn’t actually getting eyes on these blog posts I worked so hard to write.

But the writing community was so welcoming! I made TONS of new friends, and received one of my first author requests. David Billingsley contacted me through my blog, and requested that I read his book The ConnectionGetting to read this book that an actual author asked me to read was a huge step for me! I actually felt like I had arrived!

Once I finished that review, more authors started requesting their books be reviewed on my blog. I had finally found my niche! My job as a book blogger is to help authors, and through this blog (and my newly minted podcast) I get to do that. I’ve started focusing more on indie and self-published works, and I get to read these amazing stories that I never would have found before!

So, starting as a simple book blogger, with almost no credentials to her name, besides a love of books, I’ve grown my little piece of the internet to a place where people are welcome, regardless of life situations. I get to meet amazing people, and I get to talk with my truly awesome friends in my space on Book Twitter.

And that’s the Picky Bookworm Origin Story.

But my favorite thing of all this? I get to help authors succeed.

Please join me on Twitter, or hit that subscribe button, and together let’s build a successful corner of the internet!

Do you run a blog? What is your blog’s origin story? If you write a post, be sure to comment below with a link to your post! I’d love to read it!


Until next time, bookworms!

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