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Today, I’m starting a discussion on “PS2 games that should make a comeback.” I polled my good friends on Twitter, and they were able to come up with a ton! First, I’m going to list the two games I wish were available on PS3 or PS4, and then move on to the games that my Twitter Peeps came up with. I hope you enjoy!

Gadget Racers

ps2 games that should make a comeback

I played Gadget Racers so many times when I owned my PS2, that it never took me very long to race all the tracks. This Japanese game had so many different tracks, and SO many different cars, that it was really hard to get sick of this game. To this day, I still get sad when I think about not being able to play this game. The colors were so bright, and the design of the cars was adorable. Different tracks required different “gadgets” such as skis and floats depending on the type of track.

I really wish this game was available on the game consoles I have, but in the process of looking up the images above, I did discover that this game is available on the Gamecube, so goals!

The Simpson’s Road Rage

I aPS2 Games that should make a comebackm NOT a fan of the Simpsons. In fact, I can’t actually tell you how much I hate the show. That said, I loved this game. It was a sort of racing game, but some of the tasks required that I destroy property with a vehicle. It also had elements similar to “Crazy Taxi,” so I would need to pick up riders and drop them off at their destinations. It was a really fun game that I actually miss.


Ok, so those are the two games that I truly wish I could play again. Now, I’m going to list below the PS2 games that my Twitter friends let me know they wish they could play again!


Brandon Reeder (@breederauthor) says, “The only one I can think off hand was Spyro, but the original was PS1.” I never actually got to play Spyro, but now I want this game to come back so I’ll get to check it out!

Backyard Wrestling

S.D. Reed (@SDReedAuthor) says, “I’d love to see Backyard Wrestling back! It was so bad it’s good!”

Crash Bandicoot, Odds World

L. DeLong (Delong252L) wishes Crash Bandicoot and Odds World would come back.


Charlie King, @CharlieK_Author asks for Timesplitters 2, Simpsons Hit and Run, and GTA San Andreas. I love the Grand Theft Auto games. My favorite part of PS2 games were the cheats on some of the games. I memorized the Unlimited Weapons cheat, and the Lower Wanted Level cheat, so that I could go on top of the police station and pick off civilians.

So there you go. PS2 had some of the best games I’ve ever played, and these are the top PS2 games that should make a comeback. What games can you think of that should make the list? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, bookworms!

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6 thoughts on “PS2 Games That Should Make a Comeback

  1. Spyro HAS made a comeback–the original trilogy is bundled together and I have it on my XboxOne. It’s even on Nintendo Switch.
    The 3 PS2 games I wish could come back are The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. I played the mess out of the last game, and my older brother and I put A LOT of hours into the first 2.
    (And if you couldn’t tell, I’m a big LOTR fan/Tolkienite.)

  2. Ah, the nostalgia! Timesplitters was fantastic, absolutely loved that game. There’s some sort of fan project that’s been going on for a few years now to rebuild the first one I think, but official sequels are really difficult because the rights keep changing hands. Oddworld at least has a sequel coming soon though, it was in the PS5 launch trailer.

    1. That’s cool. Sequels are hard, like you said. Some company tried to make a 4th Jak and Daxter game a while back. It was terrible, because it wasn’t even Naughty Dog.

  3. Yeah, it’s difficult for another company to really nail the feel of a beloved classic. The tiniest details can throw it off completely.

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