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Coffee is my spirit animal, is it yours? Frame this adorable journal card and put it on your desk, or write a journal entry on the back and put it in your planner or bullet journal. This card has so many different uses, and is durable enough to send through the mail to a friend.

Show your friends how much they mean to you with this adorable journal card. This card makes a perfect collectible post card, and it is simple to write a quick note on the back, and pop in the mail.

Every Inspirational Journal Card in this shop contains either a word to inspire, or a quote to encourage reflection. This particular one is a cute saying that will hopefully give you a smile every time you see it.

Use the quote to encourage journaling on the back, or enjoy the image and quote as decoration in your bullet journal or planner.

Ways to use Inspirational Journal Card

  • Journaling on the blank back
  • Collection in a photo album
  • Decoration in a bullet journal
  • Mail to a friend with a sweet note on the back
  • Additional writing space in a traditional planner
  • Frame and hang on a wall or set on a desk for visual inspiration


  • Front is laminated for increased durability
  • Back is blank for use as a journal space, or a nice note for a friend
  • Sizes available are 4 x 6, perfect for framing and displaying on your desk

Other Inspirational Journal Cards Available

Inspirational Journal Card

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