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Ok, so this book starts off kind of sad. Adelaide Josephine Jepsen Beloise is the product of two families. In one family, she’s Della, the daughter of her father, and sister to two older half-siblings. She spends every summer in Florida, being the youngest child, the carefree jokester and the relaxed kid.

In Michigan, she’s AJ: super-organized, overachiever, big sister to two half-sisters. Most of her life, her mom has pressured AJ to use her summers for “constructive” projects, but AJ knows if she does that, she’s missing out on spending time with her other family. There’s no way she would ever make it to Florida during her super-busy school year, so she has quit trying.

As much as AJ has tried to keep her two lives separate, the year she turns 17, everything changes. Her two lives collide in a way she would never expect, and she realizes that she really can have it all, she just has to work at it.

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