Book Review Policies

Because of a serious back log of author submissions, I’m unable to accept review copies at this time. Please check back regularly for when I open back up, or follow me on Twitter @PamelaWillson6


I get most of the books I review on this site through my personal collection or the library, but some authors will ask for a review of a new book. When that happens, please read my policies before I will agree to review a requested book.

I am a very picky reader, so please understand if I don’t choose your book for review. I refuse to judge anyone, but I have very specific tastes, and don’t want to risk upsetting anyone with a potentially bad review.

If I choose to review your book, I will email you back, and give you a time that it will be published on my blog. The timeline is typically 30 days, but may be shorter or longer depending on my other commitments.

I specialize in fantasy, mystery, and psychological thrillers. I will not accept any form of historical fiction or western fiction, as I have attempted to read these in the past and just did not enjoy them. I also choose not to accept poetry, as it is a genre I just don’t read on my own, and don’t want to risk giving a bad review.

I am never deliberately harsh, malicious or dishonest in my reviews. I try my best to be kind, even if I didn’t enjoy your book. If I disliked your book enough to give it less than a 3 star review, I will not post on my blog. Instead, I will email you and let you know what I didn’t like about the book, and why I rated less. I don’t feel you need a negative review on my blog from someone who is, by definition, picky. 

I reserve the right to change these policies with or without warning.